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Ortho-bionomy for Athletes and Sportsmen/women

At no time will Hugh employ any movement or touch that causes pain or discomfort.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or an amateur sports person Ortho-Bionomy is an effective treatment for those experiencing acute or persistent injuries, have stress and strains in muscles and joints or need rapid recovery after an event or match.

While engaged in sport, or when doing intensive repetitive training, we can easily develop patterns of strain and tension. This usually occurs in the fascia or connective tissue which then affects our muscles, joints and bones. Unless we can recognise and relieve this strain and tension, it can limit our movement and become a pre-cursor to injury or increased pain. When we combine these tension patterns with a high impact activity or add the intensity of competition there is the very real risk of injury.

“Through interacting with the reflexes …… we re-train and refine our body’s capacity for rapid change and adjustment”

Ortho-Bionomy helps the body release tension and — through neural feedback and proprioception — an increased range of motion. In this way we can support your body’s structural integrity while also learning a more coherent and efficient way of moving. This coherency makes it less likely that we will injure ourselves, as our body is more able to respond to and absorb the forces that we place upon it while tackling, running, throwing, kicking etc. It also reduces the amount of energy required to perform in whatever our sport – and that means we are able to perform at a higher level for longer periods of time with less fatigue.

Ortho-Bionomy’s achieves this by stimulating the body’s natural self-correcting and self-regulating reflexes. These reflexes are active in our body all of the time. They are what allow us to maintain balance despite the movement and constantly changing forces acting upon the body during whatever sport or activity we are engaged in at the time. Through interacting with the reflexes in this way we re-train and refine our body’s capacity for rapid change and adjustment which is essential when involved in any sport.

In the recovery period after high impact training or an event, Ortho-Bionomy brings relaxation and a reduction in tone to fatigued and tired muscles, which improves blood and lymphatic flow to the area. This clears away the waste products that contribute to the feelings of general soreness and tiredness and brings the nutrients and fluids that the tissues need for recovery and repair.athlete-img2 Ortho-Bionomy addresses the micro traumas that occur during our sporting activity which can limit our ability to recover and become the source of future injury or pain. It also helps to reduce any associated inflammation.

Particularly for those who are training and competing at a highly competitive level, through the stimulation of the parasympathetic system and vagus nerve, Ortho-Bionomy assists to bring the cardio-vascular system back to a state of rest. This not only reduces any residual psychological stress associated with competing or training but reduces the feelings of fatigue which is important in maintaining the level of repetitive high level training and competition that is being demanded of us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sports is Ortho-Bionomy effective for?
O-B is effective for injuries incurred in any sort of sport, be they high impact sports such as football or netball; repetitive sports such as tennis, running or cycling; or sports where strains can develop due to the combination of impact and specific movements such as in cricket. Wherever there is the risk of injury or strain — which is present in all sports — Ortho-Bionomy is an effective treatment option.
Can I see my physiotherapist while I am receiving Ortho-Bionomy?
While effective as a stand-alone therapy, Ortho-Bionomy complements other treatments you may be receiving such as physiotherapy, osteopathic, massage, acupuncture or conventional medical care. It will not interfere with any other treatment modality. Hugh is happy to work directly with your other practitioners and with your coach or other coaching staff.
Is it safe to have treatment after surgery?
Ortho-Bionomy is very effective for rehabilitation following surgery, even in the days after surgery has occurred. Being non-direct it won’t cause further injury or pain – in fact it is effective at reducing the inflammation and swelling thereby reducing the pain and allowing the healing process to continue in an unhindered way. As an Ortho-Bionomist, Hugh is able to work effectively to release tension and strengthen the smaller muscles, tendons and ligaments which provide the stability in joints and which are often overlooked in the rehabilitation process where there is more focus on providing support through strengthening the larger muscles – the ones that tire easily.
How soon should I see Hugh for Ortho-Bionomy after injuring myself?
You can see Hugh for an Ortho-Bionomy session straight away after an injury as along as any urgent medical condition has been addressed. Hugh will also advise you if you need to see a medical practitioner prior to him working with your injury. Having a session soon after an injury can help facilitate the healing and rehabilitation process.