The experiences we’ve had throughout our lives from birth to adulthood – and the people we have had around us – have a profound impact on how we approach our lives and our relationships. These experiences literally shape our sense of self, our experience of the world and how we respond to it.

Through engaging in psychotherapy it is possible to explore your life in a safe space within the confines of a caring, non-judgmental relationship with the therapist. This allows you to develop the resources that allow for a greater capacity for reflection, a deeper understanding of your life and the way in which the past influences you now – and points to the ways in which we can change.

Somatic psychotherapy adds a whole new dimension to verbal therapies by recognising that our sense of ourselves is informed by all of the sensory information that is available from our body.  When we pay attention to the body we are influencing what is happening in our mind. In this way – with the right assistance and in ‘good company’ – we build our awareness and develop a more stable, embodied sense of self.

This embodied sense of self encompasses our feelings and emotions, our relationships with those around us, guides how we respond when rising to the challenges of everyday life – and much more besides.

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