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26 Jul 2019

Sports/Dance and Body Intelligence

Recently there was an article in the Sydney Morning Herald on what has been called BQ or body intelligence – ok take that whatever way you like but dig a little deeper and names aside, it does makes sense.

I wanted to say more about what that means – especially in sports and for dancers. The more we are able to ‘be in our bodies’ the less likely we are to try and impose ourselves on our body and the less likely we are to injury ourselves or cause pain. Dancers know this and rely on it but it is equally true for athletes – be they amateur or professional – those who go to the gym or if just trying to be active in spite of the pain or discomfort.

So here goes.

19 Dec 2017

What is this thing called pain?

Pain is more than just damage to our tissues – there are other dynamics which influence how we experience that pain and how we respond to it. Hugh gives a brief introduction to some of the new ideas that are emerging about pain and how to work with it.

We often think that pain is just associated with tissue injury or inflammation at the site of pain. But it is far more complex than that. It also turns out that the solutions are elegantly simple – and just make a lot of sense – when we understand how pain works.

The work being done by Lorimer Moseley at Adelaide University in Australia and Thomas H. Black in the US provide a more nuanced picture. It also leads us to more ways in which we can interact with the body and make a difference in resolving our pain.

So what is this more nuanced picture that they are giving us?

07 May 2016

Ortho-Bionomy and Crossfit

Reflecting on their relationship

The more I learn about Crossfit, the more I have reflected on my own practice of Ortho-Bionomy and how much crossover there actually is. On face value they don’t seem to have much in common but when one digs a little deeper, it becomes obvious how much they actually complement each other. So this raised the question in me :

What has Ortho-Bionomy got to offer the CrossFit community (and what has Crossfit got to offer that deepens my understanding of the ways Ortho-Bionomy can be applied)?
Greg Glassman has said that Crossfit training is a combination of enhanced functional movement and high intensity training. As our physical form is the basis of efficient and effective human movement, that form needs to move with as much co-ordination and coherency as possible. This allows us to perform at the peak of our ability and to reduce any possibility of injury.

05 May 2016

Reminding the body of its ability to find balance

Is there a way to work with our bodies that not only overcomes pain and injuries, stress or anxiety but also supports our overall sense of wellbeing? As an Ortho-Bionomy practititioner, I believe there is.

One of the great untapped potentials of the human body is its inherent capacity for self correction. Ortho-Bionomy is a way of tapping into our own extraordinary ability to repair after injury, restore ease and return to our innate preference for balance and comfort.

Ortho-Bionomy is a non-invasive system of bodywork that supports healing after injury, structural balance and a more coherent functioning of the body as a whole.obpic1